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The Big Challenge

Ischemic stroke and heart disease are the main manifestation of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease and mainly due to the rupture of atherosclerotic plaques. They are the No.1 cause of death and disability in the world. The current diagnostic technique is effective only for a small proportion of symptomatic patients and cannot be used to assess the risk for asymptomatic individuals and therefore is incapable in prevention.

Our Core Technology

Developed in Cambridge, our core technology involves with novel multi-modality in vivo imaging and multi-scale analysis for an accurate risk assessment of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease, in particular, for stroke prevention. We have developed fast 3D high resolution muti-contrast magnetic resonance sequences with a big field of view, and a fast computational analysis protocol for the calculation of the critical mechanical conditions in the structure induced by the dynamic blood pressure.


We Provide Solutions

Studies led by Dr Teng in University of Cambridge in the past 10 years have demonstrated that the combination of in vivo imaging and biomechanical analysis improves the accuracy in predicting ischemic events. Our techniques used in Tenoke have the capacity in tracing the lesion development, assessing the effectiveness of preventional treatment and therefore providing warning for higher risk patients.